Guest House TOKYO Kagurazaka

Located in Shinjuku Ward, which is the heart of Tokyo, we offer the lowest price accommodation among guesthouses in Tokyo metropolitan area.

Guest House TOKYO Kagurazaka in Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan.

Special Offer

You can enjoy the Tokyo life with variety of shared facilities.

Outside of Guest House TOKYO Kagurazaka. Family Mart (convenience store) is nearby.

Sign board at the entrance.

Entrance of Guest House TOKYO Kagurazaka. You can see very eccentric art store, if you are lucky.

32 tatami mat size. Tatami will be installed in autumn and winter.

Living room and kitchen.

There is a PC for guests to use in the living room.

There is a TV as well in the living room.

Study table.

Thick and comfortable mattress is in a large bed space.

Image of the dorm room. Wide aisle keeps the air circulation.

There are 6 toilets in Guest House TOKYO Kagurazaka.

There are 4 shower units in Guest House TOKYO Kagurazaka.