Guest House TOKYO Kagurazaka

Located in Shinjuku Ward, which is the heart of Tokyo, we offer the lowest price accommodation among guesthouses in Tokyo metropolitan area.

Guest House TOKYO Kagurazaka in Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan.

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Local Information

Introduce around Guest House TOKYO Kagurazaka.

Closest metro sta., 'Kagurazaka'. Guest House TOKYO Kagurazaka is about 3 min from the Exit 2.

Bishamonten temple.

Shopping street at Kagurazaka. It is Iidabash sta. straight ahead.

Kagurazaka street towards Waseda direction.

Kusama Yayoi Museum.

Grocery store 'Kimuraya'. There are many selection of alcohol.

French brangerie Paul.

'Torii' at Akagi shrine.

Inexpensive supermarket 'Gyomu'

Shinjuku ward office Enokicho branch.

Rinzai' sect temple, Saishouji

Comody Iida supermarket.

Taj Mahal, the original Indian cuisine.

Marukiya, the greengrocery.

'Kosodate Jizo' the chile rasing Ksitigarbha.

Further back at Jizo shopping street.

French restaurant 'Oreno French'.

100 yen store at Jizo dori shopping street.

Jizo dori shopping street at dusk.

Edogawabashi sta., the next closest station.

Kinsei-yu, the closest public bath.

Yakiton Mitsubo' a reasonble Izakaya.

Ito Yokado, the grocery store. There is a 100 yen store on the second floor.

Pagoda at Hotel Chinzanso.

Cherry blossom at Kandagawa-river.

Ginrei Hall. Mini Theatre at Iidabashi. Double-feature movie theatre.

Institut français. Little France at Kagurazaka. Sometimes they hold free live shows.

Kamome Books. You can read a book as you watch people going by the street.

La kagu. Renovated the storage of Shinchosha.

Martini Burger. NY Style juicy hamburger.

Altamura, Italian focaccia.

Sekiguchi Bakery at Edogawabashi. Pioneer of the french bread in Japan.

Hanuman's Nine9. Thai restaurant. Busy at lunch time with local fans.

Tsurumaki Library. Small and quiet library.

Yarai 'Nohgakudo' stage. You can experience 'No' performance.